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Anyone who wants to advertise, promote anything on the world wide web | Content | music, poetry, banners, events, blogs, graphic art, photography ant etc just come with your raw idea and I’ll personally take care of creative works and please Dnt make money an Object what means think about how to make your Idea work that should be your main focus money will be subject when the idea start working and when you happy with an outcome. Aren’t you tired of being lazy I know I’m tired of boredom. Contact me at gcobanni@live.com 0836659624 or http://www.gcobani.co.cc/



Music by NI Maphumulo. J Mthethwa, T A Ruele
Lyrics by T A Ruele ,V.Duplaix
Publ.Soulistic Music, Ende Ende Music.

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house tunes demo

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